I thought Save the Singularity was through with changes and updates nine months ago. I thought I’d gotten it all finished and perfected. And yet, like any good game designer, I kept playtesting it. And eventually, after playtesting it with the New York Playtesters group, I got some feedback that has lead to some substantial changes.

The feedback: there isn’t enough drama in the mid-game.
The change: replace the Rest of the World d12 with a deck of cards, one drawn after each player’s turn, which have mini-challenges on them that the players must accomplish in order to prevent the rest of the world from pulling ahead.

The feedback: people aren’t paying attention during other people’s turns.
The change: replace the once per game power with something else. Now, players start the game with 3 tokens, and have two powers: one which costs 1 token, and one which costs 2. Now they have more opportunities to pay attention to other people’s turns, and more decisions to make when helping other players.

I’ve implemented preliminary versions of both, and they are now undergoing yet more playtesting. So far they’re working well! This really reinforces the lesson of never stopping playtesting: I was already proud of the prior version of Save the Singularity, and taking it from an A to an A+ game will be really wonderful.

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