Professor Pugnacious, already sent to the backers and available for preorder will be in retail stores in March.

Cultists of Cthulhu: Miskatonic University is on track to have its kickstarter launched in April.

Save the Singularity is pretty much done being designed, so we’ll be able to launch the kickstarter for it soon after Cultists.

Same with the Bag of Holding. I expect Cultists to be quite successful and to draw in a bigger audience than we currently have, so launching these smaller projects afterwards will make them more successful than launching them earlier, even if they are already ready to go.

Murder Most Foul is undergoing a lot of revision and will be in beta testing soon. I’m not sure if I’m ever going to turn this into a sellable product, but I am going to run it, so if you live near Brooklyn and want to give it a try, email me!

Legitimate Businessmen continues to be on hold. Sorry mafia fans (I’m looking at you, John). So is the Secret Unnamed Someone Else’s IP Card Game.

Andrea isn’t feeling well, so her deck of cards is also on hold. If she gets better, you can expect those to hit kickstarter sometime after Cultists.

One game that is very far down the pipeline is Monster Movie Madness, a competitive miniatures game where you play as horror movie archetypes trying to kill coed campers.

And finally, I’ve been playing a game that I don’t want to name which is very innovative, but very flawed. It’s got a great idea for a mechanic, but then implements the mechanic in a way that doesn’t work at all. I really want to take that mechanic, trim all of the fat off of it, and make a different, better game that uses it. I’m still in the contemplation stage on this one. I might make an alpha playtest of it at soon, depending on whether inspiration strikes.

In non game news, three big things: I wrote a 22,000 word short story set in the Cultists of Cthulhu world, in a single 13 hour marathon writing session. I’m currently posting it over the next 11 days on my private blog in unedited descent-into-madness form. When I’m done with that, I’ll edit it and put it up here. Second, I’m starting a youtube channel called Let Me Tell You About. The first series will be me telling you about Hercules, who is hilarious. Finally, on December 28th I, Thomas Eliot, asked Sixpence Games cofounder and Professor Pugnacious codesigner Allison Rea to marry me. She said yes!

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