Good news, everyone! I got another round of sample cards from Panda. Fortunately, these ones were much nicer than the previous ones: the color continues to look good, and now the resolution they’re printed at is also satisfactory.

I’ve also been doing more iterations of the cardstock experiment. To recap, the experiment consisted of handing blindfolded testers pairs of cards, out of the set of sample Professor Pugnacious cards, Magic: the Gathering, Quarriors, Tanto Cuore, and DriveThruCards. I handed them each possible pair twice. For instance, one time they would get Professor Pugnacious in their left hand and Magic in their right, and then later the opposite.

The results are in, and they are almost completely noise. That is to say, there is no pattern here indicating preferences of one over the other. There were some interesting results: about half of testers just have a favorite hand, and always prefer whichever card they’re holding in that hand. Of those people, half preferred left and half preferred right, and this had no correlation with if they were left or right handed. A few people mentioned that theProfessor Pugnacious cards felt “plasticy”, of those, exactly half of them said it was a good thing, one said he didn’t care, and the rest said it was a bad thing.

People had inconsistent preferences, both individually and as a group. That is, there were people who would rate Professor Pugnacious as better than Tanto Cuore, Tanto Cuoreas better than Magic, and Magic as better than Professor Pugnacious, for instance.

Professor Pugnacious was the preferred card just about half of the time, as was each of the other options. There were also quite a few people who simply declared ties on a bunch of them. My favorite was the guy who said that there was a tie on every pair, except that he preferred Magic to Professor Pugnacious when the Magic card was in his left hand, andProfessor Pugnacious to Magic when the Magic card was in his right hand, and was adamant that for those pairs it was really obvious that the left-hand card was superior to the other one, unlike all the other pairs, where it could go either way.

What’s the lesson to learn here? It sure looks to me as though people don’t have consistent or even coherent preferences about cards, much less strong ones. I’m feeling quite confident about this cardstock.

So now that I’ve tested the cardstock with a lot of people and have gotten a new printjob that I like, I’ve okayed production, and the cards are finally going to print. Huzzah! Hopefully I’ll have even more good news for you when I next update. Until then, happy gaming!

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