A lot of you guys have been asking about how we’re confident that we’ll get good color matching on the expansions and promo sets if they’re being manufactured byDriveThrucards while the core set is being made by Panda Games Manufacturing. I was confident that we could get them to look the same after looking at samples and adjusting the artwork, but after a lot of discussion with the manufacturers and Andrea the artist, and examining the technical specifications for the various printers, we’ve come to the conclusion that apparently we cannot get them to match.

So here’s what we’re going to do: we’re combining Treachery and Locomotion into a single expansion, Treachery on the Trains, and printing it and Mythos Monstrosities, Armies of the Undead, Age of Industry, The Great Detectives, and the exclusive to you guys Incredible Inventions, all through Panda Games Manufacturing. Depending on how satisfied we can become with how the DriveThruCards printing process ends up looking, we may also make them available through DTC at a later date (except Incredible Inventions, since that one is only for you guys). Future expansions and promo sets will either be only available through DTC or, if there is sufficient demand for them, we may do additional print runs through Panda.

What does this mean for you? Well, it’s some good and some bad news. The good news is, all of the cards will be of the highest quality possible. You won’t get anything in your hands that isn’t the absolute best we can make. The bad news, unfortunately, is twofold. First, this means a bit of a longer delay. Hopefully we’ll be able to get the core set to you followed up by the expansions a while later, but I don’t want to make any promises that might end up not being true. We’re all really sorry about that, and we hope that you can forgive us. It was a difficult decision, but we really want to get you the best possible game, and establish Sixpence Games as a company that doesn’t compromise on quality. Since this is our first game, we are learning a lot, and the main thing I at least am learning is that we really need to have a lot more wiggle room in our estimates as to how long things will take.

We want to listen to you, and what you’ve said so far is that you want us to focus on quality over speed, so that’s what we’re doing. If this is a problem for any of you, please email us at feedback@sixpencegames.com.

The second bit of bad news is that this will be more expensive (for us, not you). We should be able to swing it, but it does almost undoubtedly mean that we will be going over budget compared to what we raised with from the Kickstarter. So what does this mean for you? It means we want to raise more money! If you backed the project but didn’t select the expansions or promo sets, you can still get them! Any time between now and when we actually send out the physical games, you can buy a copy of Treachery on the Trains for $40, and each of the promo sets for $5 each, or all five for $20.

If you want to purchase any of them, please PayPal the appropriate amount tosales@sixpencegames.com

Be sure to include a note saying what exactly you want and the name that you used to back this Kickstarter, so that we can make sure to get you what you paid for!

Treachery on the Trains introduces Classes, Events, and Locations, which greatly increase the variety of the game and really let you specialize your deck to be exactly the way you want it to be, as well as the Stealth mechanic, which makes backstabbing the other players that much more vicious. The promo sets each contain some of these new elements, and Treachery on the Trains and the promo sets each contain a number of new Finales, introducing even more variety and diversity in replayability for Professor Pugnacious.

As always, we’re eager to hear your thoughts on this and anything else.

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