I’d like to explain why I think you’ll enjoy 6P. I like to say that it’s a fast paced, tactical deck building game, and here’s what I mean by that, as well as some other reasons I think you’ll like it:

Fast Paced: turns in 6P are taken simultaneously, so you don’t have to wait around for everyone else. Turns last just as long as it takes one person to do it, not as long as it takes everyone to do it one after another, so there’s much less waiting around than in most games. There’s much less downtime and much more playtime; simply put, you’re almost always doing something.

Tactical: the crucial decisions you’re making are based on semi-predicable, rapidly changing (from turn to turn) conditions. You have a lot of control over how the game changes, but so do all the other players, so you can try to set things up to benefit yourself and hurt the other players, but so can your opponents. This means that the decisions you’re making are based on what you’ve already done and what the conditions are at the moment. You aren’t choosing a single long term strategy at the beginning and then spending the rest of the game tediously implementing it. You might choose a basic strategy early on, but you’ll have to modify it rapidly on the fly as game conditions change. You have to make important decisions that will affect you for the rest of the game every turn, in a variety of ways-what cards do I buy? What adversary do I try to fight? And what other players do I piss off? Which brings us to another fairly unique aspect of its gameplay…

Interactive: There are a lot more ways to affect other players than in most deck building games. You change up the Card Ring, determining what cards other people have access to, play cards that immediately change other people’s hands, and play Failure on your opponents to make your opponents lose in their battles against their Adversaries. Of course, they don’t want you to do that, which brings us to the last of the major elements of gameplay…

Political: Because you have the option of who to assign Failure to, there is an area for a lot of interaction here. Anyone who’s played a multiplayer war-game knows that a lot of the fun comes not from the rules themselves, but from the interactions they prompt. Bribes, threats, pleading, and bargaining all make for fun player interaction, and in 6P, if there are a lot of players slinging large Failure values around, determining who will win and who will lose this turn, expect arguments and treaties and grudges to arise, and vengeance to be wreaked the next turn.

And of course, the game is highly thematic. The Steampunk flavor permeates the entire game, and you can be sure you’ll get sucked into the desperate battles against Gothic horrors by the amazing art, intense gameplay, and by another unique aspect of this game: the music. Each copy of the game will come with a free mp3 of background music written by the guy who composed this.

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