Locomotion! is the second expansion. It focuses on manipulating the Card Ring, and has a new mechanic, Locations.

The Card Ring is the set of cards people have access to. Basically, everyone has 5 cards drawn from the Main Deck and put in front of them-their Card Queue-that they can buy from that turn. At the end of the turn, this rotates to the left, meaning your leftmost card becomes the rightmost card of the person to your left. Does that make sense? This is a bit hard to explain without visuals. There are already a few cards that let you manipulate the Card Ring, but Locomotion! adds a bunch more, and really changes up how they can affect your tactics each turn. You can make a really great griefing deck now-try to figure out what kinds of cards an opponent wants, and move things around so they have as little access to them as possible. It’s pretty hilarious to watch. Of course, that won’t help you win, and they can fight back by getting cards of that sort of their own, so it doesn’t seem to be overpowered at the moment. This is the set with the least play testing so far, though, so it’ll be good to see it get some more.

The new mechanic in this set are Locations. Locations are in the Adversary Deck, and when drawn, you draw a new Adversary and put it on top of the Location. Locations affect the Combat Value, Win, and Lose of the Adversary on them, and may also have effects when they enter or leave play, or even every turn. As an example, here’s one of my favorites, On Board the Express:

+2 Combat. When this enters or leaves play, rotate the Card Ring. During the Recovery Phase, rotate the Card Ring.* Win: +1 XP. You may rotate the Card Ring left or right up to 3. Lose: Rotate the Card Ring.

*this is in addition to the normal rotation, so it happens twice per turn

There are a lot of other fun ones, like Graveyard, which brings back the most powerful monster that’s been defeated in a slightly weaker, undead form, and Scrapyard, which lets everyone get rid of some cards in their Card Queue.


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