Or 6P, for short.

This is our first product! It’s a fast paced, strategic deckbuildng game pitting Steampunk heroes against Gothic horrors. Heroes compete to defeat their adversaries and foil their rivals in a race to be the greatest of Professor Pugnacious’ proteges.

Cards give you Skill (which you use to acquire more cards for your deck), Fight (which you use to defeat adversaries), Failure (which you use to make other players fail at defeating adversaries), Draw (which gives you more cards out of your deck), and a whole suite of assorted additional abilities unique to the various cards.

Here is a summary of the rules:

Rules Summary

Setup and Game Summary:
Everyone starts with the same starting deck, and has 5 cards in front of them, their Card Queue, that they can buy from-collectively, these make up the Card Ring. You buy cards from your Card Queue to add them to your deck, and at the end of every turn the Card Ring rotates to the left, so you get one new card in your Card Queue from the opponent to your right’s Card Queue, and give one to the opponent to your left. There are 4 monsters available to fight, 2 of whom are replaced regularly. You kill monsters to gain Experience Points, and when the game ends the player with the most XP wins. The game ends when the Main Deck or the Monster Deck runs out, or when someone kills the Big Bad Evil Guy.Turn Summary
The turn consists of 4 phases, played in order. Everyone takes their turn simultaneously. When everyone is done with one phase, they agree to move on to the next phase.
Play Phase
Play as many cards as you want from your hand. You do not have to play a card if you do not want to. You will play cards that give you Skill, Fight, Failure, Draw, and a number of other effects. You do not have a limited number of actions: if you have a card in your hand, you can play it, if you want.
Buy Phase
You can buy any cards that you have sufficient Skill to afford. You can buy as many cards as you want, as long as you have enough Skill to afford the sum of their costs.
Combat Phase
You pick one monster to fight: either of the two visible Adversaries, or the Training Dummy, or the Finale. After everyone declares their targets, you distribute your Failure among your opponents. Everyone who has a Total Fight of their Fight – the Failure assigned to them that is greater than or equal to the Combat Value of the enemy they chose to fight wins, everyone who has less, loses. You do not have to fight anything if you don’t want to.
Recovery Phase
Your Skill and Fight reset to 0. Discard any cards left in your hand and all cards you played this turn. You draw a new hand of 5 cards, and suffer any penalties from losing or gain any benefits from winning against the monster you fought in the Combat Phase. The Card Ring rotates one: the leftmost card in your Card Queue becomes the rightmost card in the Card Queue of the player to your left, and in turn you gain the leftmost card of the player to your right. Check to see if the game ends: if the Main Deck or Adversary Deck is empty, or if someone killed the Finale. If not, the next turn begins in the Play Phase.
In the next post we’ll look at some of the concept art for the game.

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