It was a long journey getting the art just right for the cards, but I’m really satisfied with what we ended up with. The artist is the incredibly talented Andrea Renaisse (warning: some of those paintings are NSFW). She’s a joy to work with, and I’m sure you’ll love her art.

Here you can see a sample card, Talented Combatant, from the Main Deck, which people can buy to put into their Personal Decks. The number in the top right is the cost in Skill of the card, and the rest should hopefully be self explanatory (you get +1 Fight and Draw 1 card from your personal deck).

This is one of the monsters from the Adversary Deck, a Banshee. The number in the top right is the Combat Value, and the Win is what you get if you defeat it, and Lose is what you get if you attempt to defeat it and fail.

Here are the respective backs of the cards:

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